Yes, international money transfer through a mobile app is as reliable as sending money to your friend living next door or through a national banking app. Be it national or international money transfer, mobile apps are safe and convenient. They simplify your life beyond measures. 

The best service providers offer a reliable platform of a mobile application, to transfer money online. But that isn’t it! You must make sure that you are not making any silly mistakes while using a mobile app. You are provided with safer grounds. Now it is your responsibility not to fall in fraudster traps, after all, it’s cyberspace, so be alert always! 

Here are some tips that you must keep in mind while using mobile banking apps:

  • Verify recipient details: In the case of mobile apps, you make the transaction on your own. Thus, ensure that you have entered the correct recipient details. Kindly cross-check it twice or thrice before sending money. 
  • Avoid public-wifi: Never use a public wi-fi system to send money overseas. Only transfer money when you are at home connected to your personal wi-fi or mobile data. 
  • Lock the app with patterns or codes: Always lock the mobile banking app. An unlocked app invites trouble inside. While locking the app, make sure that no one is watching your mobile screen. Please avoid simple patterns and number codes, design uncrackable codes. 
  • Carefully read and understand the app disclosures: Upon using any mobile banking app, assess the app’s safety by reading the terms and conditions. Carefully evaluate how the app protects your privacy and security? What does it do with your data? Always feel secure before using a mobile app. 

Once you have checked all the safety tips, it is completely reliable to use mobile apps for international money transfers. Let us not give online fraudsters the chance to loot our hard-earned money. You can outsmart them by following these safety tips.

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