Choosing the best remittance provider is always a tricky part. Why? Because there are many criteria to think about, not only think, but one must compare and cross-examine one against the other to arrive at an informed decision. International money transfer services have become increasingly convenient with advanced technologies. Yet, there are remittance providers who still perfectly balance traditional brick and mortar remittances and online remittances on its two wings. Now coming to the topic, here are some of the tips to choose the best money transfer service. Look out for these and make a choice. 

  • Multiple Payment & Delivery Methods: See if the agency is ready to offer different services like in-store, online, and mobile app to send remittance money. Having various payment options and delivery methods of direct cash pickups and bank account transfer is beneficial for all recipients, even ones without bank accounts.
  • User-friendliness: Complicated steps and procedures might be tiresome for the remitter on every single transaction. Thus, make sure to approach the remittance provider with simple and easy steps that enable you to transfer money in a few swipes.
  • Currency Exchange rates: Everyone knows the fact that exchange rates are changing from time to time. However, remittance providers always try to offer the best deal for their customers. Thus, simply compare and contrast the exchange rates offered by different agencies and go for the ones providing the highest rate.
  • Transfer fees & limits: Transfer fees are actually the operational cost facilitating these transactions. Whereas, transfer limit is the amount of money a customer can send daily or weekly or monthly. Try to pick out the ones with the lowest transfer fees and maximum allowance, when it comes to the limit of money transferred.
  • Secure process: Another thing to note is that never make a compromise on the safety and security of international transfers. Being in search of the lowest fees providers, do not take security for granted. Make double sure that you have enrolled yourselves with the remittance provider who offers full safety and security on your money. 

Now you know how to select the best money transfer service for online money transfers and in-store cash deposit and pickup. Again don’t ever forget to look for seasonal offers and rewards, you might as well gain something from the remittance.

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