With the ever-rising number of professionals moving back and forth over the national borders and settling in foreign countries, there has been an immense need for international money transfer companies to ease and simplify the process of foreign fund transfer. People who have always trusted bank transfers are now looking for alternatives as specialized money transfer service providers are offering a varied range of benefits that banks fail to provide.

If you are within the borders of Australia who wish to conduct transactions across the world, you have landed in the right place. PFG Smart Credit offers flexible options for money transfer, which makes it the best international money transfer service provider. Let us see the diverging types of services offered by PFG Smart Credit: 

  • In-store Agents: PFG Smart Credit has Agent partners situated in more than 130 locations within the Australian borders. Anyone who wishes to send money through offline modes are free to use the in-store agents for account deposits and cash payouts.
  • Online Web Portal: PFG Smart Credit provides fast, secure and easy online money transfers through the web portal. The steps are quite simple, you can sign-up for free and start sending money abroad. It is a one-time registration, once registered it’s for all time. Experience this convenient digital solution for overseas money transfer.
  • Mobile Application: PFG Smart Credit has designed an exclusive mobile application for the ease of customers to send money on the go. Any Android and iOS users can easily download the mobile app and start sending money in a few clicks. 

Apart from the three-fold ways of money sending options, PFG Smart Credit has employed two salient ways of receiving payments at the other end. 

  • Account Deposit: Here, the money is directly transferred into the beneficiaries bank account, which can be taken out from the bank. 
  • Cash Pickup: PFG Smart Credit has partnered with well-known banks and retailers in different countries. Thus, the customer gets a cash payout at the correspondent location. 

PFG Smart Credit, offering multi-layered options of cash payment, along with simple and uncomplicated steps of online, offline and mobile banking, makes it one of the top service providers in Australia. With PFG Smart Credit, you can conduct the online money transfer in Australia with efficiency. 

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