Yes, online money transfers are safe if you take the right precautions. There is no denial of the fact that online banking has threats and risks from fraudsters.

But the best service providers take extra care in developing the most reliable compliance techniques to secure your money and confidential information.

The remittance providers are offering a secure online platform for money transfers, what about your part?

You have an even bigger role to play in securing your online money transfers.

Here is how:

Confirm the legitimacy of your remittance provider:

Make sure that you have chosen the best online service provider registered and regulated by an authentic authority, like AUSTRAC, and have a deeper understanding of their security systems. 

Avoid using public computers:

Never login to your money transfer account through public computers in cafes and libraries you are running a greater risk of others noticing your ID and password. Also, make sure not to use public Wi-Fi.

Protect your personal computers with licensed antivirus software:

In order to protect your computer from malware and security threats, install licensed antivirus software that will protect your computer from any new virus and keep your information safe within.

Always update your smartphone’s operating system:

If you are using a mobile app for online money transactions, it is necessary to update the operating system of your smartphone with security controls restricting any unwanted or suspicious access to the app. 

Change the password regularly:

Passwords need a change every now and then for better security. Try to avoid simple crackable passwords like date of birth, but create a strong password with a combination of upper cases, lower cases, special characters, numbers etc. Now the most obvious advice, never share the password with anyone.

Keep an eye on your account savings:

Not only after every transaction but always keep an eye on the account savings like the money deducted after the transaction, the balance etc. Any malicious money transfer must be reported immediately.

If you look out for these simple tips while conducting online transactions, no one can break into the account to steal your hard-earned money.

Keep them in mind and make the most secure online money transfers at your ease and convenience. 

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