The remittance, also widely known by the name international money transfer, is an industry as old as the time when people started migrating to foreign countries. However, the recent decades have seen a sudden upswing in remittances as more and more people started moving abroad for better living conditions, career opportunities and higher education. Thus, with migration increased international remittance as well. 

HOW? How is migration to foreign countries related to remittances? Well, that question is closely associated with the family ties they hold close to their hearts. Even though people settle abroad, they still wish to nurture their relationships with family members and relatives. Thus, as part of this sustained connection, migrants transfer money online to financially support their dear ones. 

Digital remittances work like this:

  • Step 1: The customer has to find a company that offers online remittance services. One must not go for any random service provider but needs to conduct thorough research about their authenticity, quality of service, customer reviews etc.
  • Step 2: Once picked the right one, go to their website or install their mobile app.
  • Step 3: “Sign-Up” with the service provider by giving the right details and get your account verified. 
  • Step 4: Log in to the account and conduct the transaction. The rest will be taken care of by the remittance provider. 

Usually, as soon as the customer enters the amount of money he/she wishes to send, it is automatically calculated and converted to the recipient’s currency according to the prevailing exchange rates in the remittance market. 

The exchange rates are continuously fluctuating, thus it is the responsibility of the sender to keep a constant watch on the ups and downs. Once the exchange rate comes in favour of the sender and receiver, remittance can be initiated through the best online money transfer in Australia. Money gets safely transported to family members in another country. 

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